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Foreign Trade Consultants

All information regarding application of IEC as well all as promotional, incentive schemes covered under Foreign Trade Policy are available on respective department’s web pages. But for those of you who are from the industry, would surely know the not-so-pleasant experience that we all have with issues or concerns that are raised. Owing to our large number of applications and queries the help-lines are always flooded, the wait times are too long and all the complaints cannot get resolved easily.

Instead of this, how would you feel if you had an actual, dedicated person to speak to, to answer your queries? How would it feel to have someone else handle your complaints for you and advise you on the most efficient system to ensure the most seamless operation possible?

You need a consultant:

  • If you are you serious about your business.
  • If you  want the best possible business expertise.

Whether you are setting up a new business or you are looking to enhance the performance of your existing business a qualified consultant can give you both, a business edge and add value to your business.

Come, partner with IEC.

We assist you to reduce cost, save time and make error free applications.

We charge only for the service we provide and nothing else.